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Our Preschool has the use of two large rooms and free access to the outside area.  One room is used for ‘creative play’ such as play-dough, sand and water, colouring, drawing and painting; the other room contains the home corner/role play area, puzzles/games, small world toys such as playmobil or dolls houses, construction toys such as cogs and wheels, stickle bricks and shape sorting etc. Available floor space is used for larger toys such as duplo, puppets, brio, cars and building bricks.



We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.  The EYFS identifies seven areas of learning and development. Three of these areas are prime areas which are central to all others areas of learning and development.  These prime areas are:

• Personal, Social and Emotional Development • Communication and Language • Physical Development

At Busy Bees a stimulating environment is provided to ensure that children learn and develop in these prime areas through play and exploration.  We respond to how children learn and encourage active learning where children are involved and learn skills of concentration, perseverance and satisfaction. We support children in using their minds effectively by talking about ideas and what they think and encouraging the development of critical and creative thinking.  Makaton sign language is used throughout the setting to support the development of speech and language. We have introduced Letters and Sounds into our daily routines and use a range of large and small group activities to promote phonic awareness and listening skills.

At Busy Bees, we ensure that our children engage in activities which support their learning in the four specific areas of the EYFS. These areas are dependent on the learning that has taken place in the prime areas and the four specific areas of learning and development are:

• Literacy • Mathematics • Understanding of the World • Expressive Arts and Design

Typical Day

The day starts with registration which is a social occasion.  Children take turns to dress our weather monkey calendar and we discuss what is happening throughout the morning.

Each half term follows a theme relating to the children’s interests.  During the first part of the morning the children are able to participate in an adult directed activity using a variety of media which often reflects the particular theme and each week there is a cookery session. The children have a chance to socialize with their peers and indulge in imaginative and experimental play with the wide selection of toys, games and equipment on offer in both rooms and outside.


After the ‘free play’ session the children are all encouraged to help with tidying up in preparation for snack time. Before snack the children take part in a Letters and Sounds session. The children are offered a healthy snack with milk or water to drink.  The day’s snack is displayed in the foyer and water is available throughout the day.


Following snack time the children take part in small group time activities which include music, language activities, active play and dance. This is followed by a storytelling session.

After this the children have an outside play session and are able to access the wide range of toys and equipment available as well as taking part in a variety of circle and traditional games which promote learning across the prime areas.

To conclude the morning session, the Preschool and our Nursery children join together to sing songs and rhymes before those leaving at 12.15pm are collected by parents, grandparents and carers.